HMRC brings 310 more employers into RTI pilot

HMRC HAS CONFIRMED that more than 310 employers are scheduled to join its real time information PAYE pilot.

The RTI pilot was launched in early April with ten employers.

The aim of the project is to have employers updating their PAYE records as and when changes occur, rather than once at the end of every tax year, Accountancy Age’s sister publication WSB reports.

So far HMRC has received more than 100,000 employer records from those employers.

The additional employers will join the pilot between 8 May and the end of June, HMRC said.

HMRC’s acting director general for personal tax Stephen Banyard said: “RTI is on track; all expected PAYE submissions have been received from the ten pilot employers and processed.

“The whole point of the pilot is to identify any implementation issues. So far, these have been very few and they have been quickly resolved.

“We are working closely with the employers in the pilot who have helped us identify and solve any issues. We have improved our guidance and support for employers and software vendors as a result of the insight and feedback gained.”

The pilot was launched amid doubts that the project was too ambitious.

A leaked Whitehall report revealed civil servants had ranked the project at “significant risk of failure”, while some industry figures saw the project as too complex to be completed in the time limits set.

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