Cornish town invaded by “pasty tax” protestors

A CORNISH TOWN was besieged with hundreds of protestors to the controversial pasty tax, introduced by the government in the March budget.

The Chancellor announced that hot food would not be subject to a 20% VAT charge which has since its introduction been labelled the pasty tax.

Demonstration organiser and comedian Edward Rowe, otherwise known as Kernow King, said: “We are here today for a very special reason – somebody north of Saltash wants to tax our pasties and it’s wonderful to see so many people here to say no,” this is Cornwall reports.

Cornwall councillor Alex Folkes described the pasty tax as “wrong on so many levels” and warned it would cost the economy millions in terms of lost of jobs and sales.

“We are proud of our pasties and we want them to continue to be enjoyed by everybody and the pasty tax will put 20 per cent on the cost of the average pasty, so fewer people will buy them and that will mean less jobs,” he said.

The Treasury has said that VAT is charged on most hot food and by adding it to pasties a “loophole” is being closed. 

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