SFO brings criminal charges against accountant

THE SERIOUS FRAUD OFFICE has referred a criminal case against an accountant for supplying false information.

David Ball was charged with three offences of furnishing false information in his role as joint owner of Fashion & Sport, a supplier to JJB.

The Office of Fair Trading referred the case to the SFO which began its investigation in August 2009.

Ball has been charged alongside Christopher Ronnie, the chief executive of JJB between August 2007 and March 2009. Ronnie has been charged with three fraud offences for failure to disclose interests in contracts entered into by JJB; two money laundering offences; and two offences of furnishing false information.

In October 2010 the SFO announced the investigation into JJB had been completed and that no charges would be brought against the company.

Investigations into possible offences committed by other suspects related to JJB are still ongoing a statement from the SFO has said.

The case was heard at magistrates today and will be transferred to a crown court, with a trial date expected later this year.



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