Beever and Struthers seeks Rossendale Radio operator

CORPORATE RECOVERY specialists Beever and Struthers are looking for new operators for Rossendale Radio.

The station, ‘The Voice of the Valley’, ceased broadcasting this month. Charles MacMillan, of Beever and Struthers, has been appointed liquidator to the station.

Rossendale Radio has broadcast since May 2010, but has been in financial difficulties for the last 18 months. The station was based in the Agapao Impact Centre in Rossendale, owned by community group Agapao International.

Charles Macmillan, head of corporate recovery at Beever and Struthers, said: “Rossendale Radio was a valued and much-loved community broadcaster to the Rossendale Valley but sadly had to close because of its financial difficulties arising from these testing economic times.

“I am proactively looking to assign the licensing rights to parties who have expressed interest in operating the station under a revamped business model.

“This will largely be decided by OFCOM and it is up to these parties to demonstrate that they have the resources and capabilities to manage this process. I am pleased to say I have the full co-operation of all involved at the radio station as well as Agapao who have supported the business in recent months.”

In a statement on the company Facebook page Rossendale Radio said: “Following meetings and discussions with an independent financial advisor, involving the staff members of Rossendale Radio Station Limited, Agapao International and REAL, it was made apparent that Rossendale Radio is not viable and it is with great sadness that Rossendale Radio must cease live broadcast from 3pm on Monday 5th March 2012.”

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