TechnologyOnline IT provider improves financial reporting package

Online IT provider improves financial reporting package’s latest accountancy software update hopes to make financial reporting easier for accountants

ONLINE ACCOUNTANCY IT provider has launched an update aimed at making life easier for accountants. Accounting Spring ’12 is purpose built to make financial reporting easier and includes customisable financial report templates.

The software company has worked on various aspects of its orignal offering to make processing reports, more efficient including the launch of ReportExchange which allows the user to import and export report templates so they can share them with other users.

“As the primary suppliers of financial and analytical information to a company’s stakeholders, financial managers are increasingly asked for more sophisticated reports and analysis of their businesses,” said Tom Brennan, vice-president product marketing at

“We have enriched the underlying analytical data in the system as well as giving customers the ability to easily generate attractively formatted financial reports. Through crowd sourcing, the ReportExchange will harness the creativity and intellectual capacity of all our users. Our customers will be able to help each other create imaginative and insightful reports in a social environment. This will shorten implementation timeframes and improve the value users derive from their financial system.”

The software is available immediately to FinancialForce Accounting users as part of their monthly subscription fee.

In October last year the company increased its users by 500% compared with the same period the year before.

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