CIMA brand secure despite CGMA launch

THE FUTURE OF the CIMA brand is not in jeopardy despite the launch of a global designation by the institute.

The designation, CGMA, can now be used by current CIMA members and under certain criteria by members of the US institute AICPA.

Launched today in a joint London/New York conference, the CGMA effectively expands the reach of CIMA into the US, and for AICPA management accountants internationally.

“It’s a partnership promoting the key role of management accountants,” said Tilley. “CIMA [as a brand] is absolutely not [disappearing]. We are not diluting the value of CIMA.”

Members travelling to the US will find recognition of the CGMA will become strong. In a more generic sense it promotes the role of the management accountant, Tilley added.

“We’re widening the knowledge of our qualification,” he said. “This is about added value.”

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