Deloitte administrators called to motorcycle retailer

DELOITTE ADMINISTRATORS have been called to motorcycle retailer George White Motors.

Richard Hawes, partner at Deloitte, and Robin Allen were appointed to the business which has been established for more than 50 years.

The duo made all 61 employees redundant on appointment and ceased trading the business.

“There are no funds currently available to be able to continue to trade the business. Unfortunately, there was no other option but to make 61 employees redundant,” Hawes said.

“Nine employees have been retained for a short period to assist the administrators with completing outstanding customer orders and to complete an orderly closure of the sites occupied by the company.”

George White Motors, headquartered in Swindon with five other UK locations, made an annual turnover of about £25m.

A statement from the administrators said: “Poor trading results over the last two years coupled with the increasingly difficult market conditions and low margins have resulted in cash flow constraints.

“In the absence of a significant cash injection into the company the directors were unable to continue trading the business and requested the appointment of administrators.”

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