FTSE 100 ethical standards ‘hard to measure’

ETHICAL STANDARDS are widely touted but rarely explained by FTSE 100 companies, a new survey has indicated.

The Chartered Institute of Internal Auditors said while 91% of top listed companies talk about high standards of ethics and integrity in their annual reports, just 8% provide a basis for measurement.

Chief executive Dr Ian Peters said: “What gets measured, gets done, so the lack of simple metrics on companies’ ethical standards should be a matter of concern.

“It suggests that either companies don’t take ethics seriously, or they think investors don’t – and the latter is increasingly unlikely to be the case.”

More than half (56%) of the FTSE leaders said they have an ethical code or policy, but only 3% demonstrated their employees had read an understood it, and a further 4% showed what proportion of the workforce had been trained in proper ethical standards.

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