Mid-tier firms rush to be LinkedIn

ACCOUNTANTS have enthusiastically embraced social media network LinkedIn over the past year, according to new research by Kelso Consulting.

Not generally known for their swift adoption of innovative marketing techniques and technology, the number of LinkedIn users at mid-tier firms has doubled to almost 50% since September 2010.

Around 13,000 personnel in the top-40 firms outside the Big Four have accounts with the forum, which is focused on business development and networking.

The number of LinkedIn users following these firms has almost tripled in the last 12 months, growing from 8,000 to over 23,000.

Grant Thornton staff have exhibited the most impressive user growth on the social media site, expanding 1,128% to almost 2,000 users. However, this is partially due to that fact that until recently, the site was banned in the office.

BDO and RSM Tenon have also expanded their use dramatically, with the number of users leaping 235% and 163% respectively to 1,677 for BDO and 1,314 for RSM Tenon.

Kelso Consulting director Tim Prizeman said for firms hoping to build their LinkedIn presence, encouraging enthusiasts at partner level can be very helpful, as well as establishing initiatives and a business case.

Warning the site is not necessarily a game-changer for firms, Prizeman called it “a really handy and evolving tool” for staying in touch with professional contacts and making new ones.

“It is also a hugely useful source of intelligence on clients, prospects and competitors, as well as a source of insight into the current hot topics in many sectors,” he concluded.

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