HMRC targets electricians

THE TAXMAN has announced that electricians will be the next group targeted as part of its crackdown on tax evasion.

The Electrician’s Tax Safe Plan will be launched in February and will offer favourable terms for electricians to come forward and declare their unpaid tax. Following this, HM Revenue & Customs will target those in the trade who have not come forward.

This campaign follows the Plumber’s Tax Safe Plan launched this year. Around 600 voluntary disclosures during the campaign brought in £328,000 to the Exchequer. The second stage of the campaign resulted in five arrests and investigations opened into a further 600 people.

Guy Smith, senior tax consultant at Abbey Tax Protection, said: “As with previous campaigns, I expect we will see HMRC making use of Section 16 notices over the coming months, to obtain third party information before the ETSP goes live in February. Electricians should remember that five plumbers were arrested after failing to make use of the PTSP and would be wise to come forward and use the amnesty opportunity, if they have undeclared income to disclose.”

Image credit: Shutterstock

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