EU audit reform delayed at least one week

AUDIT REFORM PROPOSALS by the European Commission have been delayed by a week, pushing back the publication date to 30 November or later.

Championed by internal markets commissioner Michel Barnier, a spokeswoman from his office was unsure whether they would even be published next week.

“We are working towards 30 November, but I can’t definitely confirm the proposals will be presented then,” she said.

The official reason for the delay is a surfeit of activity at the Commission, with the president due to present a package on annual growth at tomorrow’s press conference.

“He only presents one package at each conference and we don’t yet have the final arrangements for next week,” the spokeswoman added.

Experts have suggested the delay is, in fact, because of last-minute changes as a result of strong resistance from member states.

A recent meeting of the heads of cabinet might have given them the opportunity to express resistance and impact studies being carried out alongside the proposals could also have been a factor.

More to follow.

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