Finance is healthiest profession

FINANCE HAS BEEN crowned the healthiest profession in a recent Bupa survey.

Compared to manufacturing, utilities, transport, technology and even health and social work, finance workers were less likely to develop serious health conditions.

The most overweight workers were found in the utilities sector (74%), closely followed by transport storage and distribution (70%), with finance at 55%.

The survey is based on Bupa healthchecks in 2010 and also revealed finance professionals are least likely to develop high levels of cholesterol, with only 5.1% likely to develop it compared to an average of 7%.

Dr Peter Mace, assistant medical director, Bupa Health and Wellbeing said: “These results might seem surprising given the culture of long working hours, which is common in the finance industry, but they prove that being busy need not be a barrier to leading a healthy life.

“For those who want to improve their lifestyle, understanding more about their own health profile can provide the motivation needed to make positive changes.”

Bupa analysed the results of more than 34,000 heath assessments in 2010. Finance professionals can compare their health to others of the same age in a free Bupa Health Age Calculator at


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