Moshi Moshi calls in Kingston Smith administrators

LONDON SUSHI RESTAURANT Moshi Moshi has called in an administrator from Kingston Smith.

Ian Defty, (pictured) partner at Kingston Smith, has been appointed to Bickland, which trades as Moshi Moshi and Soseki. It was the first sushi restaurant to offer conveyor belt-style service when it opened in 1994.

A statement by the administrators revealed the business became divided following “internal difficulties”.

“The failure of the company is attributed predominantly to internal difficulties, which have effectively divided the company,” the statement said.

Defty is eager to continue trading the business and save 27 staff at the restaurant chain.

“It is a sad fact that popular businesses and restaurants are failing regularly in today’s economic climate. If the insolvency industry can try to soften the blow to both creditors and employees, then we’ll be doing a good job in difficult circumstances,” he said.

Recently, Bickland expanded its business with new restaurants in Brighton and Bury St, as well as a takeaway outlet in Waitrose Canary Wharf.

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