SMEs want accountants to work online

ACCOUNTANTS need to be more online capable if they hope to keep their SME clients according to research by CCH.

Technology provider CCH found more than a third of SMEs expect their accountants to be able to process all their documents in digital format within the next two years.

More than 73% said they also want to send at least half of all their data to their accountants in digital format in that timeframe using online tools also known as cloud computing.

Simon Crompton, (pictured) head of CCH Software, said: “As the appetite for – and use of – online systems grows, particularly among a younger generation of entrepreneurs, SME’s are emerging as the driving force in the adoption of new technology.

“Accountants need to ask themselves – and their clients – where their own clients stand on this issue.”

However, accountants are trying to meet the demands head on with 44% of SMEs claiming their accountant already provides at least one service online, such as accepting scanned documents.

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