Millions to receive rebates following PAYE errors

THE TAXMAN has identified 6 million cases in which tax rebates are due following PAYE errors made from 2007/08 and before. 

HM Revenue & Customs will begin sending letters out to taxpayers in the next few months, including the 1.2 million people identified earlier this year as having underpaid for the 2010/11 year. Those who owe money will be given the opportunity to agree payments plans.

The rebates are estimated to be worth £2.5bn. It is unclear how many taxpayers will receive them.

The BBC quotes an HMRC spokesman saying: “We are getting cases that were left unreconciled up to date as quickly as possible. Anyone owed money will be paid back with interest without the need to contact us.

“The fact is there will always be some cases at the end of every tax year that require an under or overpayment to balance but these cases will reduce as the new system beds in.”


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