Iris launches online

IRIS ACCOUNTANCY SOLUTIONS has launched an online version of its latest update.

The accounting IT giant has put the building blocks in place to allow all future products and existing ones to work online with the launch of a cloud platform.

The online or cloud platform was launched this week which will allow existing products and future ones to work online with the aid of “cloud connectors”.

Today the latest update to its software was issued with a cloud connector however, Iris said all its products will continue to work in the traditional method of on-premise.

Phill Robinson, (pictured) chief executive Iris Accountancy Solutions, said: “There’s a lot of hype about the benefits of cloud computing, and a similar amount of doom mongering from traditional software vendors suggesting that customers should stick with the status quo. The reality lies between these two points of view and IRIS Cloud can help our customers benefit from both cloud and on-premise environments without having to choose between them”.

Iris launched book-keeping software OpenBooks about 18 months ago which can also be used over the internet.

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