Plymouth FC administrators may step down

ADMINISTRATORS FROM Plymouth Argyle FC may step down due to protests from fans over their fees which is hindering a sale of the club.

Brendan Guilfoyle, a partner at The P&A Partnership and joint-administrator, issued a statement on the club’s official site claiming he and his team may have to step down due to aggresive behaviour from some fans.

Guilfoyle said: “Our main priority is to get a deal over the line to save the club’s future but the current campaign being directed at The P&A Partnership by some fans is hampering negotiations.

“Unless protestors desist it is highly likely that the joint administrators will take steps to resign from office on Monday.”

He added he was concerned about an “associated” risk for his staff from the fans boycotting the fees charged by the administration team.

“Not only is the campaign disrupting our business and taking our focus off the job in hand, we are also deeply concerned about the associated risk to the wellbeing and personal safety of The P&A Partnership staff.

“No business or its employees should be subject to such foul, abusive and threatening emails,” Guilfoyle said.

If the administrators step down it is expected HM Revenue & Customs will take immediate steps to wind-up the club.

Guilfoyle added in his statment both the administrators and solicitors were not seeking payment in full for their services.

Christopher White, Guilfoyle and John Russell, from The P&A Partnership were appointed joint-administrators on 4 May.



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