RSM Robson Rhodes complaint hearing ‘private’

RSM ROBSON RHODES’ formal complaint hearing will take place in private, accountancy disciplinary body the AADB has announced.

It will hear evidence on complaints relating to the accounts of iSoft Group and subsidiary iSoft for the three years to 30 April 2005 tomorrow.

A private hearing was chosen “in the interests of justice” and to avoid potentially prejudicing an ongoing criminal case.

The NHS software provider alleges misconduct in relation to: inappropriate recognition of revenue on long-term contracts; iSoft’s failure to recognise on its balance sheet receivable balances and associated liabilities in relation to income streams from contracts which had been “sold” to third party funding providers; and the audit of goodwill balances.

The complaint is in no way related to Soft Group Ltd, an Australian company formerly known as IBA Health which now trades as iSoft in the UK.




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