Accountancy students seek debt advice

MORE THAN a third of accountancy students would welcome debt advice.

A survey of 254 students by the Chartered Accountants Benevolent Association (CABA) found 34% would like debt advice, while a further 32% said they had debt but were managing it well.

Calls from accountancy students to CABA have increased in recent months, which could be down to the increased cost of living.

“We have certainly seen a rise in the calls made to our debt service from students in recent months, although it is difficult to say whether this is because of growing debt problems or increased awareness of our debt service,” said CABA chief executive Kath Haines.

“However, it does appear that issues such as the rising cost of living are hitting some students quite hard, and many that we speak to feel as though their debt is getting slowly out of hand, causing high levels of stress.”

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