Annual reports grow in size

ANNUAL reports are just getting longer. That’s the conclusion of the latest research from corporate reporting consultancy Black Sun which found that the average annual report has lengthened by 10 pages.

Black Sun concluded that while The FTSE 100 may be taking their reporting responsibilities seriously under new provisions of the UK Combined Code, “they are struggling to do it concisely”.

The average report length is now 175 pages (up from 164 in 2009) while six of the FTSE 100 produced volumes of 300 pages.

Sallie Pilot, Black Sun’s director of research, said: “While challenging areas still exist, the improvement in the quality of content and the way in which it is delivered even relative to fice years ago is marked.”

Sun claims reports may have grown but it means there are signs of better governance, improved clarity around strategy and more links between financial and non-financial performance indicators.

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