Trainee accountant in dock for £500,000 fraud

A TRAINEE ACCOUNTANT faces jail for his part in a £500,000 fraud, after he used his job at HBOS to steal personal information about wealthy customers.

More than eight conspirators were in on the scheme, some of whom shared the dock with Imran Ali, 25, who was at the time studying accountancy at Bradford University.

Between May 2007 and February 2008 the fraudsters stole personal details of rich customers and used them to create false documents, fooling HBOS into believing the accounts were being debited by their owners.

Prosecutor Simon Kealey said Ali used his position to access nine customer accounts and steal almost £500,000, with a further £100,000 of transactions prevented by HBOS, the Yorkshire Post reveals.

Ali pleaded guilty to conspiracy to defraud. An audit trail showed he trawled HBOS customer database on a regular basis, and was the only employee to have accessed all nine of the breached accounts without a legitimate reason to do so.

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