KPMG to hire 75,000 graduates worldwide

KPMG has announced that it will hire 75,000 graduates worldwide over the next three years.

Overall, the global network will hire approximately 250,000 employees over the next three years. This represents a 25% increase in the firm’s historical resourcing target, it said.

Of these, KPMG in the UK will hire around 3,000 graduates and school leavers in the same time period, with a 7,500 increase overall over the next five years.

Iain McLaughlin, Head of Recruitment at KPMG in the UK, said: “While KPMG’s firms plan to hire a large number of new graduate employees, it’s important to note that our focus is about more than simply high volumes – it’s about recruiting top talent to drive our growth now and into the future.

“To attract the best, we offer new graduates the opportunity to work alongside talented professionals, solving complex client issues and making a difference to some of the world’s most prestigious organisations.”

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