The tax system needs trust, says CIoT

THE TAX SYSTEM needs trust between the taxpayer and HM Revenue & Customs, while made easier to navigate, according to CIoT president Anthony Thomas.

Responding to the Treasury Select Committee’s concerns about dissatisfaction of the service provided by the taxman, Thomas said: “Successive operational failings and unacceptably poor levels of service have damaged public confidence in the tax system.

“Taxpayers and their agents must be able to navigate the tax system easily, pay their taxes and get answers from HMRC to their questions. The key is clarity over their tax affairs. HMRC must act urgently on these recommendations or risk undermining confidence in the tax system still further.”

The CIOT welcomed the committee’s recommendation that professional bodies should work with HMRC on drawing up public minimum service standards.

The Low Incomes Tax Reform Group said the taxman must make contact easier, and provide advice that is “prompt, accurate and understandable”.

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