PFA slams Plymouth Argyle administrators

THE PROFESSIONAL FOOTBALLERS ASSOCIATION has labeled Plymouth Argyle administrators “unjustified” for terminating a player’s contract.

Brenan Guilfoyle, John Russell and Christopher White, partners at the P&A Partnership were appointed joint administrators to the collapsed club in March.

The criticism centres on the sacking of player Kari Arnason; he was dismissed after refusing to sign a wage deferral form.

A statement from the PFA chief executive, Gordon Taylor, said: “The players at the club have shown great support and have continued to play and train without regular wages since November 2010 and it is clearly disappointing that the administrators should now attempt such an action, which is a clear breach of Football League Regulations and also the Football League Insolvency Policy.”

At the time, lead administrator Guilfoyle said: “Kari refused to sign the deferral form and that put him at risk. He has been dismissed but we have given consent for him to find another club.

“He knew what the implications of what he has done would be [if] he hadn’t signed the deferral: he would be dismissed. He walked into this knowing what he was doing. We had no alternative.”

The players at Plymouth Argyle have not received full wages since December last year and are reportedly relying on loans from the PFA.

The administrators managed to secure Bishop International as a buyer of the club earlier this month.

Guilfoyle said: “Bishop International provided us with proof of significant immediate funding, together with a solicitor’s letter confirmation that further funding would be available to complete the transaction in due course.

“Bishop International subsequently entered into a six-week exclusivity period and has provided us with a substantial funding contribution.”

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