Vince Cable opens London business school

BUSINESS SECRETARY VINCE CABLE has opened a privately run business school offering ACCA courses.

Cable said the London College of Accountancy (LCA) Business School’s courses met the government’s vision of a “much more pluralistic, varied provision of higher education”.

The school is a private-public partnership between the LCA, the University of Wales and the Anglia Ruskin University (ARU) based in Cambridge and Chelmsford.

Its courses are designed to enable graduates to be free for work placement and part-time employment for the majority of their course, helping them to avoid falling into debt.

The applied accountancy degree is a two year course, accredited by the ARU. An additional year option will be available, allowing students to become fully ACCA qualified after the total three years.

Dave Sexton, dean of LCA Business School, said that it is hoped “the combination of low fees and accommodating courses” will attract students from all backgrounds.

The college, based in central London, has a student body of 2,500.

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