Scots support ‘Robin Hood’ tax

MORE THAN half of all Scots would support the introduction of a Robin Hood tax on banks, a survey has said.

Oxfam Scotland found that 62% of people wanted to see a tax on transations between financial institutions. A briefing paper from the charity said that a European Union-wide charge set at 0.05% of each transaction would raise £185bn.

Only 20% of Scots were against the idea, with the remaining saying they were unsure.

The survey was released ahead of a European Council meeting of EU leaders. Oxfam Scotland campaigns manager Malcolm Fleming said the tax was “all about fairness”, Herald Scotland reported.

“It is clear that the tax enjoys wide-ranging public support in Scotland, sending a clear message to European heads of state as they meet tomorrow.

“Europe should seize this chance to take a first step now – ahead of November’s G20 summit – where agreement at a European level could then be extended.”

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