Accountants bemoan unfeeling employers

ALMOST TWO-THIRDS (63%) of accountants felt their firms should do more to support health and wellbeing, according to a new survey.

More than half (55%) said their stress levels have increased over the past 12 months and 68% said their jobs have made them ill, citing stress as the main cause, Sovereign Health Care reports.

Chief executive Russ Piper said higher workloads combined with pay freezes have hit morale and dented employee contentment, noting 53% of accountants said they would change jobs for a better benefits package on the same salary.

“The message from the research is clear; practices need to review their ‘softer’ benefits and provide more health and wellbeing support – this will help counteract the increased pressure of the workplace and could result in more productive, higher motivated and happier employees,” he concluded.

Employees at 2,000 firms across the UK were surveyed, and 46% of managers admitted they do not fully understand the health and benefits packages offered to staff.

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