Cloud computing unsuitable for bookkeeping

CLOUD COMPUTING is being used as an excuse to “ratchet” up prices for accounting technology, said the chairman of Accountz.

Quentin Pain, founder of on-premise accounting software Accountz, said the monthly subscription rate charged by cloud vendors is “alarming”

Small business owners hate recurring charges and would rather pay once for software. He also hit out at vendors that previously charged a £200 one off fee were now pricing their cloud option at £15 – £20 a month.

“Over a decade, what looks like a cheap option easily ends up costing £2,000.

“Bookkeeping is something they’d really rather not be doing and they need cheque books, folders of receipts, credit-card statements and red-ink paid stamps laid out in front of them.

“And those who do want to send an invoice out while on the move can do it more quickly and reliably with software installed on their laptops than with cloud services that require 100% permanent internet connections.”

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