Tilley gives evidence at CIMA disciplinary

CIMA CHIEF executive Charles Tilley gave evidence yesterday at the disciplinary hearing of council member Margaret May.

Charged with misconduct, part of the case rests on an email May sent regarding Tilley’s position as non-executive director at Great Ormond Street Hospital. In light of the Baby P-related “scandal”, she wrote to five fellow council members: “…surely Charles Tilley should resign and issue a public statement”.

CIMA alleged that the email constituted a personal attack and said the way in which the concern was aired was inappropriate, while May claimed she was trying to protect CIMA and Tilley from “reputational risk” and was within her rights to contact colleagues as she did.

Tilley said: “The Great Ormond Street appointment is an absolutely personal matter, and I would have expected Mrs May to approach me in private if she had concerns, rather than adopt the process she did.” May’s lawyer Garrett Byrne tried to prove she was acting in good faith and according to accepted procedure.

The institute called five witnesses, with May giving evidence yesterday afternoon. Two of her four witnesses will no longer be appearing because the board ruled their contribution irrelevant to the case, while May herself will also give evidence at the next hearing on 28 June.

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