Accountants would give up £11,000 for long weekend

TWO-THIRDS OF ACCOUNTANCY PROFESSIONALS long for a four-day week, according to research published by a specialist recruiter.

Marks Sattin’s findings show that the majority of accountancy and financial service professionals would give up £11,000 a year to receive longer weekends.

Dave Way, managing director of Marks Sattin, said: “Since the recession, people have had to knuckle down and work harder. But as the economy picks up and there is less pressure on employers to make redundancies, people are increasingly prioritising a work-life balance.

“During hard times, work increases and people work longer hours; the quality of their lifestyle becomes less of an issue when they are constantly looking over their shoulders. Employers now need to look at whether or not their current employment terms are flexible enough to satisfy this demand.”

The financial recruiter polled 2,882 accountancy and finance professionals.


Support for a four day week for accountants

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