HMRC steps up plumbers campaign

HM REVENUE & CUSTOMS is writing to 50,000 plumbers to remind them of the opportunity to put their tax affairs in order.

The Plumbers’ Tax Safe Plan was announced in March, which gave people working in the plumbing, gas fitting and heating industries the chance to declare their unpaid tax and pay a minimal penalty. The opportunity expires on 31 May, after which the Revenue will target the profession.

Mike Wells, HMRC’s director of risk and intelligence, said: “Our aim is to make it easy for plumbers to contact us, make a full disclosure of income and face a reduced penalty.

“We are using a variety of intelligence sources to target plumbers who have not declared their full income and I urge tradespeople in this group who think they owe tax on their income to get in touch with HMRC and get their tax affairs in order simply and on the best available terms.”

People who do not receive letters could still be targeted, Wells added.

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