Sage says its iXBRL product is a success

NEW ONLINE TAX TECHNOLOGY has seen Sage customers download software in their droves.

Five days after the introduction of new iXBRL tax technology, more than 1,500 Sage customers downloaded the software.

From 1 April all corporation tax must be filed using new internet-based tagging technology, iXBRL.

Earlier this year it was revealed Sage would be unable to make the deadline and was due to supply an interim product from a third party.

However, in February the company announced an about-turn and ditched the third party suppler in favour of its own product “iXBRL Tagging”.

The company said take up of the software has been successful with more than 1,500 customers downloading it by 5 April. However, it was unable to supply information as to what percentage of its customer base this represented.

Jayne Archbold, (pictured) managing director of Sage’s Accountants’ Division, said: “The reaction to our iXBRL-enabled Sage accounts production software has been fantastic.

“Once people had a chance to see how easy the technology is to use and to have a go with it themselves any concerns they may have had quickly evaporated.”

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