Intuit launches online products

SAGE RIVAL INTUIT, has launched an internet based product which is free to accountants.

Intuit is one of the largest financial software providers for small and medium sized businesses, competing in the same field as Sage.

Intuit’s latest product QuickBooks Online will allow accountants to see client information for free.

Currently customers of Quickbooks pay a premium for a certain number of users, including the accountant, to have access to the system. Now customers pay a premium for users but the accountant will be given free access.

The company is also offering a pay as you go service for its internet product. The smallest “Simple” software costs £9 per month for one user (plus an accountant); the intermediate package “Essentials” costs £19 per month for three users and an accountant; and the advanced “Plus” is charged at £29 per month for five users and an accountant.

The company is offering a free 60 day trial until May and when it will then offer a 30 day trial.

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