Deloitte to audit 2012 Olympic 400-metre track

DELOITTE EXPERTS have been called in to create a tape measure to audit the circumference of the soon-to-be-laid 400-metre track at the 2012 Olympic Stadium.

The official Olympics firm will bring in expertise from its audit and sports divisions to create a 400-metre tape measure.

It is understood that the dress designer for Kate Middleton’s wedding outfit, whose identity is a closely-guarded secret, will be involved in the creation and choice of material for the tape.

The tape measure’s design will have to incorporate the track’s curves, said Deloitte sports specialist April Fewl.

“It’s a tough ask, but we have the expertise,” said Fewl. “It’s a much more prestigious job than PwC auditors counting Oscar votes,” she added.

Picture above: Artist’s impression of the audit tape and Lord Coe

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