PwC’s HQ to run on chip fat

PWC HAS SIGNED A DEAL making to power its London head quarters with chip fat.

The Big Four firm will use 45,000 litres of recycled oil every month to power its Southbank of London head office which will house more than 6,000 employees.

Arrow Oil will collect around 12,000 litres of the oil from local bars and restaurants every week which is sent to the Uptown Biodiesel refinery before being sent to PwC.

Jon Barnes, head of building & facilities services, PwC said: “When you think of green technologies you don’t think of used oil from a kitchen but the reality is these technologies offered us a real low carbon alternative to traditional fuel.

“Securing the supply within the M25 was essential, as otherwise the carbon footprint for moving the oil increases and would have defeated the purpose of investing in the low carbon technology.”

The oil will be obtained from local stores of Zixi’s, Ask, pub group Fullers, Geronimo Inns, Corney and Barrow, Selfridges, and Young’s pubs.

The firm has also invested in other low carbon energy options such as solar panels to heat the water. It set a target reduction of energy usage per square meter of office space, at the London office, of 25% by 2012 from a 2007 baseline. The firm has achieved 16% to date.


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