PwC to proactively promote women

MORE WOMEN WILL be progressed up to the top roles as part of an initiative by PwC.

The Big 4 firm will implement a “comply or explain” approach, which will ask division leaders to proactively consider women for promotion or explain what the blockers to progress there are. It said that the emphasis will initially fall on achieving proportionate promotion rates at manager and senior manager levels.

Ian Powell, chairman and senior partner, said: “Introducing a ‘comply or explain’ approach is totally different to quotas. Tokenism doesn’t result in a meritocracy

“While it’s still a work in progress, we know that this approach will result in a clear plan of action for embedding diversity into the business and how we manage and develop our people.”

Sarah Churchman, director of diversity and engagement, said diversity was “not a numbers game” but an approach that “considers all the people and their potential in our organization”.

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