Taxman to continuously monitor evaders

TAX EVADERS will be continually tracked by HM Revenue & Customs, in a bid to make sure they comply with their obligations in the future.

The Managing Deliberate Defaulters programme, developed alongside the tax institutes, will see HMRC monitor individuals and businesses that have previously evaded tax.

Around 900 “tax cheats” will soon receive letters letting them know they are the subject of increased level of scrutiny. The monitoring will take place for five years.

HMRC’s Steve Hickman said: “Tax cheat check-ups will involve continued and close scrutiny – it is a real deterrent. If you are thinking about breaking the rules just remember, you could end up with HMRC on your back for five years.

“We have worked closely with the accountant community to develop this programme and their help has been invaluable in getting the detail right.”

The level of monitoring will depend on the nature of the offence, but it is not expected that monitoring will cease for anyone within two years.

The monitoring will include: unannounced inspection visits; record checks; requests for extra information; inspect the records of one or more suppliers or customers; for VAT customers, HMRC could require submission of quarterly or monthly VAT returns.



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