Ban imposed on auditor linked to former Taoiseach

THE AUDITOR who reviewed an investment company used for tax evasion by the former Irish Taoiseach Charles Haughey (pictured above) has been banned from practising for two years.

According to the Irish Independent Patrick McCann has been banned from being an auditor or company director after auditing Kentford Securities, used by Haughey’s accountant Des Traynor to evade taxes for the former the politician and other Irish investors. Traynor died in 1994 and Haughey in 2006.

The ban relates to events between 1988 and 1994. During that period the Independent reports IR£2.27m passed through Kentford’s books as part of secret deposits managed by Traynor.

McCann is currently practising as part of McCann & Associates in Dublin. The firm’s website boasts – “Our Philosophy is: Personal advice tailored specifically for your company’s needs with absolute confidentiality”.

McCann was banned by Ireland’s Supreme Court.

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