Iris launches online iXBRL product

AN ONLINE VERSION of a new tax technology has been released by accountancy software company Iris.

HMRC has mandated that from 1 April all corporation tax must be filed using the new tagging technology known as iXBRL.

Iris released its iXBRL products last year and has today announced the launch of an online version.

OpeniXBRL is designed specifically for those that use Microsoft Word to prepare tax submissions.

“For those organisations that are not ready to adopt an accounts package, or are wedded to Microsoft Word to prepare accounts, Iris OpeniXBRL provides a highly productive iXBRL tagging solution” said Phill Robinson, MD of Iris’ accountancy practice products.

According to Iris, more than 140,000 of its customers have already filed their tax returns in iXBRL format in the last year.


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