KPMG wins healthcare commissioning contract

A KPMG-led consortium has won a contract to support the first wave of health services in London that will be commissioned by GPs.

The Big Four firm said that it’s “Partnership for Commissioning” [PCP] consortium — comprising the National Association of Primary Care (NAPC), Healthskills, Primary Care Commissioning (PCC), United Health UK and Morgan Cole — had won the contract to provide GPs with a range of business and finance support.

In a sweeping reform of the NHS being introduced by the coalition government, GPs will take over responsibility for commissioning healthcare from Primary Care Trusts.

The PCP programme will help London GPs develop the key skills they will need as future commissioners, such as financial management skills, contract management and engaging with local councils and other stakeholders, KPMG said.

Gary Belfield, associate partner at KPMG, said: “Over the next two years GP consortia will have a stretching development agenda before they formally take the commissioning responsibility for over £70bn of resources across England.”

“We look forward to working closely with the early pathfinders in London to ensure they are as prepared as possible to meet the commissioning challenges that face the NHS in the coming years.”

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