Staff morale at taxman falls again

STAFF SENTIMENT at HM Revenue & Customs has fallen 3% to 34%, according to its annual survey – 23% lower than the civil service average.

Just 15% would say that they were proud of working at the organisation, a fall of 3% on the previous year’s results.

Some 12% would recommend HMRC as a great place to work, a 3% drop.

Those that said they felt a “strong personal attachment to HMRC” increased 1% to 22%.

Only 11% said that they had confidence in the decisions made by HMRC’s senior managers, down 1%.

However, 62% were positive about their resou8rces and workload, a 2% increase on the previous year.

“Obviously these results are disappointing, but there are pockets of improvement that we are looking to extend across the department,” said an HMRC spokesman.

Smith & Williamson national tax director Richard Mannion said that advisers would be at the sharp end of further cuts at the taxman.

“It can’t be a good place to be,” said Mannion. “Even if technology is implemented [to automate processes] my experience is that job cuts will mean the HMRC service gets worse before the new technology sorts it out. You tend to need more people to help bed systems in.”

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