Online technology stumps finance professionals

FINANCE PROFESSIONALS remain confused about online software, according to a survey by Access.

Nearly half of the 100 respondents (49%) were unfamiliar with the different types of online computing services. Online services and products are often referred to as cloud computing.

Two-thirds said their organisation currently did not use cloud products. However, 26% were unsure if their company had cloud computing. More than 40% said their business was not “looking” to implement the online technology.

The biggest concern for 26% of finance professionals is confidentiality and data security. Around one in five respondents were also apprehensive on the lack of control when using these types of software, and consistency of service.

Chris Bayne, managing director at Access, reassured the industry that “the provider’s reputation is at stake so it’s in their best interests to ensure the highest levels of contingency are in place to avoid any breach of security”.

He added: “Understanding the solutions that are out there, the benefits they can bring to the business or how they can compliment existing systems is essential.”


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