Christmas ‘toughest time of year’ for accountants

CHRISTMAS and the following winter months are the hardest time of year for accountants struggling with work and debt.

Accounting charity Chartered Accountants’ Benevolent Association (CABA) said it experiences a seasonal peak in demand for its services, starting in December and running through to January and February, as accountants deal with an increased workload, debt and relationship issues.

“Christmas brings little seasonal cheer for many accountants with some struggling to cope with the numerous difficulties that the end of the year brings,” said CABA chief executive Kath Haines.

“There are obvious professional pressures with many businesses having their financial year ends in December. Frequently added to this are the family relationships and financial problems that Christmas brings.

“At the moment, some people will also be able to add fear of redundancy into that mix and others will react by misusing drink and drugs. It is easy to see why it is the toughest time of year for many accountants.”

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