Unit4 creates hybrid division

A HYBRID DIVISION has been created at technology giant UNIT4 to capitalise on the growing interest in online software.

Unit4, the parent company of FinancialForce.com, Coda, and Agresso, has created a “hybrid computing” arm that will offer support to customers in both traditional in-house software and online technology.

“We have recognised for some time that most clients, especially medium and large organisations, want to take a hybrid approach to cloud computing,” said Ton Dobbe, vice president product management at UNIT4.

Large and medium-sized companies have traditionally held back from moving all information to an entirely internet based software. 

However, they still want the flexibility online technology can provide.

Unit4 has recently obtained a key British Standards Institute accreditation, ensuring international best practice standards for information security.

The business gained the accreditation after high levels of enquiries about data security from customers when using online products such as cloud computing.


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