Accountancy Age Awards 2010 Annual Reports and Accounts Business of the Year – Inchcape

awards 2010 logoOne of the key messages Inchcape filtered down to its staff this year was to focus on acting swiftly during the downturn. The economic crisis saw many businesses falter but it bought out the best in Inchcape.

Inchcape’s annual report had various new sections and improved some of the more familiar ones. 

It created a new investor relations chapter in its report, which introduced a shareholder profile and engagement programme. 

Inchape also included a corporate responsibility file focusing on four key areas – customers, people, communities and the environment. 

The information is supp­orted by case studies, statistics and the group reported initial figures for its carbon emissions in the last year. The report had a designer feel to it and the judges said it had great clarity. 

The judges also said it was clear with a wealth of information that clearly showed what the business was trying to achieve. 



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