Accountancy Age Awards 2010 Outstanding Industry Contribution – Ken Wild

awards 2010 logoAs an author and technician Ken Wild has championed transparency as a core value of modern accounting principles. Spanning a 20 year period, Wild has established himself as a thought-leader in the profession, articulating and defending principles in the public interest, and cementing intrinsic acc­ounting concepts which have then underpinned not just the accounts of private sector bodies, but also those in the public sphere and charities. 

He brings with him a long list of senior appointments – A member of the IASB’s International Financial and Reporting Interpretations Committee; a member of the Financial Reporting Advisory Board, which reports to the UK Treasury; a member of the 100 Group of Finance Directors Financial Reporting Comm­ittee; chair of the public sector and not for profit committee at the Accounting Standards Board; and a past member of the Council of the ICAEW.

But it is his dedication to core principles that has helped him build a reputation for integrity. He has locked horns with treasury officials over the use of PFI, and authored key accounting texts. 

ken wild

He has articulated the societal and economic value of rigorous accounting principles which reflect economic truths.

Wild helped establish and lead Deloitte’s global IFRS leadership team, which has attracted a reputation for technical excellence across the world, with its members now embedded in the International Accounting Standards Board and other international bodies. He also helped maintain IAS Plus, considered a key resource for the profession and has written numerous articles and books on accounting.

He is known as one of London’s finest technical minds and has nurtured many of the brightest accounting figures working in the industry today.

Wild has strived to highlight the profession’s public duty in assisting the proper functioning of the world’s capital markets. His work has helped to illuminate the key economic truths which lie beneath the page.


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