Drink, drugs and debt crises prompt rethink at support group

AN INCREASE in the number of younger accountants suffering from stress and drink and drug abuse has led to the recruitment of a new specialist support team at the Chartered Accountants Benevolent Association (CABA).

The association has recruited a dedicated team of ten over the past year to handle issues affecting accountants in their thirties and forties, including stress, health problems, debt and multiple families.

CABA has previously focused on providing older and retired members with financial support, said chief executive Kath Haines.

“The profile of those who come to us for help has changed dramatically in recent years.

“The people who now approach CABA tend to be younger and have a wide range of problems covering everything from stress and its symptoms such as drink and drug misuse, through to those who have debt issues or need help to cope with supporting multiple families, health problems and debt.

“Of course, it is important to stress that CABA will continue to fulfil its traditional role but we now have a much broader and, we believe, more effective way of supporting those who approach us for help.”

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