Gamers slam Cameron for lack of tax breaks

VIDEO games developers have slammed David Cameron for not pushing through tax breaks which could potentially create 3,500 jobs.

Sector players are shifting employment to countries such as Canada and France, where tax breaks are on offer for games companies, according to the research by Games Investor Consulting.

The criticism came as the prime minister announced a plan to encourage the development of a high-tech hub in East London to rival California’s “Silicon Valley”.

But the proposal will not create jobs around the country and will fail to spur growth in  the UK video games industry, one of the largest intellectual property exporters in the UK.

“It seems to me the prime minister is missing a trick with this announcement in London,” Richard Wilson, head of the games industry lobby group Tiga, told the Guardian.

“Implementing the tax breaks we’re calling for wouldn’t just create jobs in London, but in Dundee, Edinburgh, York, Brighton, Leamington Spa, Birmingham, and all over the country.”



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