Shorter waiting times for advisers’ tax forms

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The taxman has published a revised set of waiting times for adviser authorisation paper forms to be handled.

The new times appear longer than before because HM Revenue & Customs now includes the time taken for applications to become effective. However, it said that actual waiting times were beginning to improve.


The taxman has set itself targets to reduce turnaround times. From 31 December 2010 form 64-8 for Self Assessment will take two weeks to turnaround. All other 64-8 forms will take 5 weeks.


Self-assessment registrations and self-employment registrations will be completed in six weeks , the taxman predicts.  


 “The turnaround times may appear longer than the figures HMRC has published in the past, but you’ve told us that an ‘end to end’ estimate is of greater value to you and helps you to manage expectations more accurately,” HMRC said.


In August 2010 the taxman announced that resources were going to be diverted from adviser authorisation paper forms processing in favour of higher priority work, leading to longer turnaround times.


However, the taxman now says that turnaround times are beginning to improve and targets have been set to reduce the waiting times further by 31 December 2010.


“HMRC apologises for any inconvenience,” the taxman added.

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