Four new recruits for tax simplification team

The Office of Tax Simplification has recruited four experts from a range of
firms onto its team.

Thomas Byng, a senior manager at Deloitte, Kate Cottrell, director at Bauer
& Cottrell, Partha Ray, senior tax manager at BDO and Caroline
Turnbull-Hall, a PwC senior manager have been seconded.

They will help the OTS carry out two initial reviews. One covers all tax
reliefs, allowances and exemptions, while the other reviews small business

The OTS also announced today that it is set to publish a full list of HMRC’s
tax reliefs in early November, together with proposed review criteria, which it
anticipates will attract analysis and comment from a range of tax system users.

The first report on tax reliefs will be published shortly after.

John Whiting, OTS tax director said:

“I am delighted to have such an experienced team with their wide range of tax
backgrounds in place, and I am very grateful to the firms that have released

“We are now getting going on our challenging task of helping to simplify
Britain’s tax system.”

Further reading:

of Tax Simplification’s initial findings due this autumn

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